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Actively promote the development of graphene industry green

In the two sessions this year to consider the "45" plan (Draft), "vigorously develop the graphene and other high-end materials" have been included in the list of 100 major projects and projects, which indicates that our graphene industry will usher in a golden opportunity for development.
Since 2004, two scientists at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom for the first time since stripping graphene, domestic and foreign research institutions, universities and enterprises on the development and application of graphene enthusiasm unabated. Among them, the EU graphene flagship alliance in the field of research results quite authoritative. Union was established in October 2013, from 23 countries of 142 members of the unit, for a period of 10 years of capital investment projects amounting to 10 billion euros to promote graphene from the laboratory research stage to the development stage of industrialization.
China's graphene research and development started late, but in recent years, the development of fast, with a greater competitive advantage. Since 2013, graphene related patents and intellectual property rights in the number of applications is increasing year by year, lithium, the energy storage composite materials technology is becoming more and more mature. At the same time, the graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance came into being, covering the current domestic research institutes, universities and enterprises in graphene research and development.
Graphene industry is in full swing, but at the same time, it also faces many problems. For example, the production process is not mature, the layout is relatively narrow, research and development and application to a certain extent, the lack of national level of the overall planning led to the study of relative dispersion, etc..
At present, the world's research on graphene is still in its infancy, there is still a distance from the market. In order to promote the healthy development of graphene industry and learn from the relevant experience of the western countries, the author puts forward the following suggestions:
First, the development of new technologies should take into account the interests of the environment. EU graphene flagship annual report of the 2014 annual report pointed out that graphene is potentially dangerous to human health and the environment. In a liquid similar to surface water, oxidation reduction method were produced in the process of graphene graphene oxide not diffusion sinking and degradation, organic matter adsorbed to the decaying plants and animals, the human intake of probability is greatly increased. The experimental results show that graphene and graphene oxide can affect human macrophage. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the study of graphene environmental issues, the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, reduce the environmental risks of graphene, to promote the development of graphene industry green.
Two is to avoid the problem of excess production capacity. In recent years, the problem of excess capacity of photovoltaic industry has played a very good role in the development of graphene industry. Recommends that the government give to guide rational, reasonable layout, avoid industry swarmed, to ensure that the entire industry healthy and orderly development. At the same time, it is recommended that enterprises and universities, research institutes closely combined with the basic research, focusing on the upstream and downstream industrial chain collaborative development. Not only can produce high quality raw materials, but also have a complete set of application programs.
Three is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of large enterprises. In our country, the graphene material research and development enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, mostly in the early stage of enterprise business. In the EU membership list of the EU's flagship graphene is no lack of large enterprises figure, such as the German chemical giant BASF, German nano film manufacturer CNM company, etc.. In graphene industry development, suggested that the state increase support efforts to mobilize the enthusiasm of large enterprises to participate in research and development, to promote the development of large enterprises themselves influence the entire graphene industry chain.
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