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The process of preparing biomass for the era of graphene parity

Graphene is since the discovery of the thinnest, most hard, strongest thermal conductivity properties of novel nano materials, from graphene in 2004 in the laboratory was formally preparation, by the widespread concern in the world, known as the "king of new materials. The world will have graphene and its application as a long-term strategic development direction, in order to take the initiative and initiative in the new round of industrial revolution caused by graphene in.
Parity graphene Era
China has become a leader in publications and patents on graphene worldwide. Data show that the number of patent applications Chinese graphene has more than 2200, accounting for 1/3 of the world, ranking first in the world. Currently has initially formed a government, institutions of scientific research, development and application of enterprise cooperative innovation, research cooperation docking mechanism, and emerged a large number of graphene related enterprises, the birth of a large number of outstanding achievements in the aspects of basic and applied technology.
Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. is out of the a biomass graphene hard to explore the road of innovation and development, accelerating the China graphene industry application process. Shengquan attention to biomass and all kinds of new materials research and development and comprehensive utilization, after 30 years of innovation and development, the formation of the unique characteristics of Shengquan biomass comprehensive utilization of industrial chain, to become the leader of global biomass industry. The leading products of furan resin and phenolic resin production scale is in the leading position, the company is a national "Shenzhou" spacecraft series insulation materials designated manufacturers. In recent years, in the field of biomass graphene, bio medicine, health food, rail transport composite materials and other fields was born a large number of high-tech achievements, its product quality, business model and other industries widely recognized.
Spare no effort to carry out research of Shengquan group started a comprehensive utilization of biomass and industry since 2008. After cooperation research and chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Tianjin University domestic famous universities, of corncob biomass of each element of the deep development of accumulated a series of research results and experience. Experimental study on June 2014, Ltd. and Heilongjiang University Fu Honggang Professor Cheung Kong Scholars team jointly develop biomass graphene of preparation, formulation process and core technology provided by the other party, Shengquan responsible for raw materials research, industrial production and application. After a year of efforts of the two sides, use "group coordination assembly process of preparing biomass graphene declared a success, in the global pioneered to biomass as raw materials preparation of graphene precedent and through the company's research team in the raw materials, process, after processing refining and continuous optimization and innovation of the course, has initially solved the graphene modification and dispersion of the difficult problem in the world, the biomass of graphene has more excellent performance, the world's first 100 tons / year biomass graphene industrialized production line has been in Shengquan group successfully put into production in October this year. Holy spring will be 1 yuan per gram price to the market supply of graphene.
Wide application of graphene
Graphene is added into the phenolic resin and cured after anti impact strength can be increased 150%, bending strength increased by 40%; to join the new rail transit composite "core light steel", can effectively enhance the strength of the material more than doubled, and the shock resistance, bending strength and wear resistance were significantly improved and non-toxic, gas release from small, suitable for a large number of the use of in the high iron, cars, ships, aircraft and other high-end interior materials.
At present, the application of rubber, leather and plastic has achieved remarkable results. According to the test report of Shandong University of Technology and Shengquan group jointly issued shows that adding 1.5% of Shi Moxi in the rubber, the tensile strength increased by 90%, adding 1% of graphene in PVB, the tensile strength increased by 120%, adding 10% graphene in rubber, the conductivity increased by more than 1000 times; adding graphene into leather. Can effectively increase the strength, improve the fire performance, also has natural anti-static properties, currently only on the leather surface layer PU market consumption reached 1 million tons, graphene into 1%, the demand of ten thousand tons; especially the addition of graphene in urgent need to enhance the quality of the car interior leather material, can effectively improve the fireproof grade, have the material strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, softness and gloss significantly improved.
In the foreseeable period of time, most likely because of the widespread application of graphene rewritten the history of the development of the automobile industry. With on the brake pad wear rate greatly reduced, also at high temperature to ensure the stability of the friction coefficient; added to the tire, tire strength increased, effectively extend the service life of the tire; used in automobile filter paper industry. It has good heat dissipation and super conductivity, ensure timely release of electrostatic charge, reduce due to severe friction caused by the temperature soared.
Quan also consider the application of graphene to public life and is closely related to, and actively explore and achieved a major breakthrough in fiber. Qu Li Jun Professor research team cooperation with Qingdao University R & D the graphene viscose fiber spinning technology of biomass, and Donghua University jointly developed the preparation technology of biomass graphene polyester, polyamide fiber system, they will this composite fiber named "warm" fiber. Shengquan group plans will biomass application of graphene to the uniform, the soldiers in the winter farewell bloated cold proof clothing, used in ordinary warm clothing, let beauty who in the winter with style, and temperature. At the same time, according to the "China economic information" reporter, Shengquan group also intends to explore the slim clothing etc.. A series of"
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