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The central government's comprehensive power graphite industry development and industry fund is about to be introduced

Secretary of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance Secretary General Li Yichun to reporters said the countries to support the basic idea of graphene industry: support for the industrial development of graphene is the establishment of the national major projects, there is still uncertainty, but the government is more inclined to set up industry fund.
With the central government funds as graphene project matching fund. Li Yichun think by the central government, local governments, private capital accounted for three party accounted for 2:2:6, more appropriate. Graphene industry fund size should be around 10 billion, the central government invested 2 billion.
In September 2014 last year, China International graphene Innovation Conference, the industry's enterprises and research institutes closely concerned about the organic combination of Shi Moxi products and downstream industry applications. Of particular note is that more and more financial capital to intervene in the whole industry chain of graphene and its application competition. The industry is expected, with the financial capital to enter, graphene industry is expected to be the same as the previous development of the Internet industry, ushered in the industrialization of accelerated breaking.
In 2014 China International graphene Innovation Conference, Chinese Academy of Sciences expert introduction said that from 2010 won the Nobel Prize, with special properties, graphene soon becomes "upstart" in the field of materials, especially in the composite, touch screen, electronic devices, storage to batteries, a display, a sensor, semiconductor, aerospace, military, biomedical and other fields come in handy. China's emphasis on the development of graphene industry has increased to an unprecedented height, in terms of technological and industrial development planning and development, with the world class level of basic synchronization. In the face of a bright future, the central government and local governments in promoting the development of graphene industry related plans followed. Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, Ministry of science and technology and other departments of graphene industry are very seriously. This year, the State Ministry of science and technology in the National 863 program, nano materials, special the development of graphene as a key support in content and in 45 science and technology development planning, graphene research and commercialization is expected alone will occupy an important position. Attaches great importance to basic research, has supported hundreds of graphene related research projects each year, has supported more than one thousand projects. And the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry recently is to discuss the introduction of a major new material research plan, has been repeatedly organized on the graphene industry research.
China Research Association stakeholders said that this analysis and research of the innovation is inseparable from the financial, will promote the establishment of cooperation strategic alliance for the promotion of research, promote the development of strategic emerging industries, promote the transformation of traditional industries. "In the past, the development of new industries, eyes only see state, relying on government funded; after 30 years of reform and opening up, the national economic strength and capital market have great development, society has a lot of private capital, and finance, bank, has formed more perfect financial system, strong support of innovative activities in the industry."
The analysts said, graphene industry currently in the absolute dominance of the world, huge market potential, and the unique lucrative for global investment institutions are just around the corner. However, domestic foreign exchange control mechanism and the Chinese government for foreign resources project in China related investment policy and other factors, especially after the occurrence of the rare event in, attention of the ruling elite, making foreign investment can only hope that the "ink" sigh! However, the single project of billions of billions of capital and a lack of international capital distribution capacity of talent so that domestic investment institutions have also stop. And domestic capital market resources consciousness is weak and capital concentration factors of low, lead to the whole industry chain of China graphene, so far still have not formed a professional graphene industry fund, through equity, corporate bonds and other multi-level capital integration of investment and financing, to support the healthy development of the graphene industry. This is also the Chinese graphite industry lags behind the development of the main reasons.
Governments began to focus on the role of financial capital in promoting the industrialization of graphene. To provide strong support and incentives for the early development of graphene industry. Make full use of venture investment guide fund, angel investment guidance funds, actively encourage social capital to participate in the graphene industry project investment and strive through 3-5 years of time to the fund industry tens of billions of scale, so as to realize the whole industry chain support! Including listed companies, including many in the industry enterprises have also begun to graphene industry to promote the focus on the aspects of financial capital. According to the Secretary General Lee said, China has a group with overseas background and capital successful experience of Chinese youth, is the domestic high-speed low-key according to the build-up of funds, is expected in before the Spring Festival to declare the work completed, until now, it has to get the business license of the domestic first the graphite olefin industry equity investment fund, which will no doubt of our graphene industry produced a huge role in promoting.
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