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The Ministry of industry and information technology to apply a new generation of graphene information technology or test the water

In January 12th from the Ministry informed that, in order to promote the technological innovation of graphene, graphene research in the application path of industrial intelligent mobile phone, new display, lithium ion battery, solar photovoltaic and other downstream areas, promote the development and application of graphene technology in January 8, 2016, the Ministry of information industry and electronic information division in Chongqing organized "graphene technology seminar" from Chongqing, Shenzhen Moxi graphene Research Institute and Jiangnan graphene Research Institute, HUAWEI, BOE, Huaxing Power, Tianma microelectronics, BYD, Ningde times, CSR new energy, Trina Solar, JA solar and other 12 enterprises and research institutions on behalf of the participants, the Ministry of information industry and electronic information division deputy director Peng Hongbing, Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Committee Director Guo Jian attended.
Chongqing City Commission by letter key introduced Chongqing City in advancing the graphene technology research and development and application to carry out the work, other participating units, respectively, on the graphene technology development, the development situation and future research combined with work carried out in-depth exchanges. Conference believes that graphene as an important new material, in smart phones, new display, lithium ion battery, solar photovoltaic and electronic information industry more important application prospect is broad, the current material graphene is still in the early industrialization application, in the field of large-scale applications still need to carry out a lot of work.
The meeting noted that graphene material in the large-scale application of a new generation of information technology industry should be and downstream demand closely, pay attention to materials research and development, product design, preparation technology and other aspects of the overall planning, to construct a new mode of ecological industry, create demand traction, synchronous development, tight coupling model of industrial development, promote the graphene material in a new generation of information technology application as soon as possible. Department of Electronic Information Division will continue to track the development of graphene technology, to guide the development of graphene production enterprises and downstream application companies, research and development institutions in depth, to promote the industrialization of graphene applications. A shares in Baoan, Chinese Yueda investment, large carbon listing Corporation, involving graphene supercapacitor business.
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China's successful development of graphene super battery charging only 7 seconds
Shanghai Silicate Institute scientists successfully developed a high-performance super capacitor electrode materials - nitrogen doped ordered mesoporous graphene. The material has excellent electrochemical energy storage characteristics, can be used as electric vehicles of the super battery: charging only 7 seconds, you can run 35 kilometers. Related research results have been published in the journal Science on 18 days.
China aviation industry force graphene investment will be over ten billion
According to China Aviation Industry Deputy Chief Economist, Ministry of strategy and capital Minister Li said, AVIC through formation of diversified investment of AVIC graphite alkene technology development company, increasing the input of resources, accelerate industrial incubation, ensure that within three years, 10 major application direction full of major technological breakthroughs. Reporters learned that day AVIC first graphene industrial holding project - China National Aviation Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd. the first phase investment has reached 9 billion, while the future layout of the entire industry in the scale of investment at least tens of billions more.
Shanghai University developed a smart wearable material to broaden the application of graphene
Correlation based on origami techniques of graphene self folding device drivers recently published in "science" magazine published a child, Harvard University, Cornell University counterparts to this intelligence can be new achievements in wearable materials give highly and its application prospects including deformation vests, the exoskeleton, micro robot etc..
Graphene industry continues to develop rapidly
It is said that Qingdao is relying on Qingdao international graphene science and Technology Innovation Park, the construction of the first international graphene innovation center and the North's only national graphene industry innovation demonstration base. Qingdao is trying to build the innovation and development of China's graphene heights. At present, under the guidance of the national strategy, China's graphene research and development and patent holders have a place in the world. At the same time, private capital flows to graphene industry, the basic formation of the framework of the structure, graphene into a rapid development period, the relevant listing Corporation is worth the attention of investors.
Graphene industrialization accelerated national base landing Qingdao
Recently, the "national torch Qingdao graphene and advanced carbon materials characteristic industry base" approved, Qingdao will be the construction of the first international graphene innovation center and north the only state-level graphene industry innovation demonstration base, the move marks a further accelerate the industrialization of graphene.
China's first industrial application of graphene such modifier available open
In our country the first graphene energy-saving improver -- "carbon Wei", recently in Beijing's Zhongguancun Fengtai Park came out, which marks the graphene in China began to appear in industrial application. Under the guidance of the national strategy, China's graphene research and development and patent holders have a place in the world.
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