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Breakthrough - the road ahead of the graphene where?

Graphene, this makes people love and hate the guy, looks like a tall on, in fact, but we usually use the "pencil" in a few layers of it. However, due to the heat and pressure, the graphene in nature can not be generated by itself, must be achieved through some process, this difficult problem has become the forefront of the country's leading materials. Actually, in graphene industry with a low threshold, each university materials chemistry research group can self prepared, but to do good is very difficult, because you don't know the graphene how to use in a variety of fields.
Standing in the perspective of the giant, graphene has been shown to have so many excellent properties, in the direction of the development of the material is absolutely correct. But in the microcosmic point of view previously because graphene preparation is difficult, the industry think price is too low is not willing to participate in, now can be mass production, price is low, but faced the traditional oxidation reduction method of graphene material poor real graphene too much. With China from 2006 on graphene company set up to now, regret is stuck in the "hear stair sound only" stage, some time ago also talked about 2015 is Chinese industrial graphene the outbreak of the first year, but now is disappointing.
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